2011 EBI Business Achievement Awards

Each year Environmental Business Journal recognizes outstanding business performance in the environmental industry with our EBJ Business Achievement Awards. 2011 marks EBJ's 14th annual business achievement awards. Winners are divided into business achievement by size and segment, M&A awards, new practice areas and international expansion. Outstanding projects and new technology devleopment or applications are awarded Project Merit Awards or Technology Merit Awards. Finally companies are recognized for contributions to the industry and society at large. Congratulations to the winners, thanks to all parties submitting nominations and all are welcome to San Diego for the official awards ceremony at the Environmental Industry Summit on March 14, 2012 at the Hotel del Coronado.

Between July and December 15, 2011, EBJ and CCBJ will be accepting nominations from members of the environmental industry for the annual EBJ and CCBJ Business Achievement Awards Program. Nominations should be submitted to info@ebionline.org as 200-word essays in either specific or unspecified categories. Categories or size designations may be altered each year depending on the volume of nominations, the number of worthy recipients, or the emergence of new categories. Nominations can be submitted by companies themselves, people or companies representing other companies, company partner or clients, EBJ and CCBJ staff, and EBJ and CCBJ editorial advisory board members. The EBJ andCCBJ Business Achievement Awards are then selected by a committee of EBJ/CCBJ staff and EBJ/CCBJ editorial advisory board members and released in early January.

To be considered for an award, achievements must have occurred in 2011 or (for multi-year projects) have reached a major milestone in 2011. In addition to the essay (200 words max.), please provide or include links to supporting materials, especially third-party reports or documents.

The 2011 EBJ and CCBJ Business Achievement Awards will be presented in a special ceremony and awards banquet at EBJ/CCBJ's Environmental Industry Summit X in Coronado, near San Diego, California, on the evening of March 14, 2012. The Environmental Industry Summit is an annual three-day event hosted by EBJ and CCBJ. Dates for the 2012 Summit are March 14-16, 2012 and award recipients are invited to attend to receive their award.

EBJ will award gold, silver, bronze medals and honorable mentions for 2011 in the following categories:

Business Achievement: Small Firms (less than $20 million)
Business Achievement: Mid-size Firms ($20 million to $100 million)
Business Achievement: Large Firms (more than $100 million)
IT Companies
Mergers & Acquisitions
New Practice Areas
International Expansion
Project Merit Awards
Technology Merit: Remediation
Technology Merit: Water/Wastewater
Technology Merit: Waste Management & Pollution Control
Technology Merit: Analytical Techniques
Industry Leadership Awards
Social Contribution

CCBJ will award gold, silver, bronze medals and honorable mentions for 2011 in the following categories:

Business Achievement: Growth
Business Achievement: Finance
Consulting & Engineering: Climate Change Practice
Consulting & Engineering: Renewable Energy Practice
Renewables Portfolio Development
Technology Merit: Solar Power
Technology Merit: Energy Storage
Technology Merit: Light Rail Manufacturing
Project Merit: Solar Power
Project Merit: Green Building
Project Merit: Adaptation
Project Merit: Renewable Development
Project Merit: Wind Power
Project Merit: Landfill Gas
Product Introduction Award
NGO Activist Award

Nominations should describe distinguishing achievements such as revenue growth or profitability gains; turnarounds; new science or product; entry into a new sales channel, market segment or geographic area; noteworthy management initiatives; diversification, acquisition or integration achievements; or initiatives on behalf of consumer education or the industry in general.

Nominations should be received no later than Wednesday, December 15, 2011.
Please send nominations to info@ebionline.org in Microsoft Word format.