EBI Market Research Reports

1. Environmental Industry Reports

EBI has produced more than 20 comprehensive market research reports on the U.S. environmental industry. Reports cover 14 environmental industry segments, international markets, key growth trends, and business opportunities such as strategic environmental management and mergers & acquisitions. Primary data is gathered through annual revenue and performance surveys of more than 1,200 environmental companies and used to compile market size models, breakdowns by customer, media, product and technology, and growth profiles.




2. Climate Change Industry Reports

EBI Report 4000: The Climate Change Industry: Sometimes referred to as the cleantech industry or the clean energy industry, EBI Report 4000 provides strategic insight  into the far more broadly defined Climate Change Industry. This report contains EBI's most recent analysis of nine Climate Change Industry segments including renewable energy markets, energy efficiency, carbon markets, the green building industry, climate change adaptation and climate change consulting. This report is based on revenue analysis of more than 600 companies involved in climate change; information provided by government and market research partners around the globe; and interviews with hundreds of climate change companies and experts. Within this report you will also find coverage of topics like greenhouse gas services, sustainability consulting, investment trends in green energy, lists of top climate change companies,  regional and federal climate change policy, and information about a wide range of business opportunities in the climate change industry.

This 900+-page report is available in its entirety for $3,995; individual sections can be purchased for $495 or $995 (see below).

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