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Healthy Products Healthy Planet (HP2)
Coming in Summer 2009
HP2 Report Download table of contents

Healthy Products Healthy Planet (HP2) offers a comprehensive assessment of all green products and services markets associated with the environment, sustainability, personal health & wellness, fitness, alternative medicine, and natural/organic products. Major product groups analyzed include consumer products, consumer durable goods, industrial products, industrial services and recycled materials. The report consists of 48 individual segments quantified in terms of consumer sales from 2002-2007 with forecasts out to 2012.

Inside HP2 Report: The HP2 market is at the nexus of two major trends - environmental sustainability and health & wellness - and includes all products and services sold to benefit the environment or promote personal health. The report contains analysis and forecasts for 5 major categories and 48 subcategories, including:

  • Consumer products like organic food and fitness equipment
  • Consumer services like complementary & alternative medicine and ecotourism
  • Industrial equipment like water filtration and wind power systems
  • Industrial services like environmental consulting and waste management
  • Sales of recycled material
  • Emerging categories like green building, sustainable timber and hybrid cars

HP2 Report Download table of contents

HP2 Category  2007  07 growth
Healthy Foods
Environmental Consulting & Engineering
Energy Efficient Lightbulbs: CFLs 
Super Efficient Appliances 
Clean Energy Systems & Power 
Complementary & Alternative Medicine 
Household Products 
Green Buildings
Sustainable Timber Products & Supply
Hybrid Cars 
Carbon Offsets 
Sum of Selected Categories