EBI Today

Founded in 1988, Environmental Business International, Inc. (EBI) specializes in defining emerging markets and generating strategic market intelligence for companies, investors and policymakers. At the core of its business model are business newsletters, research reports, and contract research. The company has also established and managed successful executive conferences and investment meetings. (See EBI History since 1988.)

Environmental Business Journal® (EBJ), founded in 1988, is the leading source of business intelligence in the environmental industry. EBJ provides a strategic overview and independent perspective on environmental industry trends and business strategy. Each monthly edition is devoted to a specific market segment, including environmental consulting & engineering, water & wastewater,  hazardous waste, remediation, instrumentation, pollution control equipment, waste management, resource recovery, and solid waste management. Each issue features market quantification, survey results, company profiles and  interviews with experts and executives.

EBJ Weekly News: EBI distributes the electronic EBJ Weekly News, summarizing important developments in the Environmental Industry. This is a complimentary email news service.

Climate Change Business Journal®: In January 2008, EBI published its first edition of Climate Change Business Journal® (CCBJ) newsletter, building on the successful research model applied to Environmental Business Journal. CCBJ provides strategic business intelligence on segments defined by EBI as the Climate Change Industry, including renewable energy markets, the energy efficiency market, energy storage market, green building market, biofuels market, geothermal market, carbon capture and storage market, carbon trading market, cleantech market, and climate change consulting market.

CCBJ Weekly News: EBI distributes the electronic CCBJ Weekly News, summarizing important developments in the Climate Change Industry. This is a complimentary email news service.

EBI Research Reports: Written for clients seeking detailed analysis and quantification of a particular business segment, research reports have been a core EBI product since 1988. Many reports established by EBI are now in their 14th edition. In line with its analysis of the emerging green economy, EBI's Healthy Products Healthy Planet (HP2) report, covers the green products & services market.

Contract Research: The EBI contract research division now devotes many of its resources to the Climate Change Industry, reflecting a corporate shift towards new markets emerging around climate change management and sustainability. EBI's contract research division has extensive experience in environmental industry competitiveness, environmental exports, green jobs forecasting, environmental technology commercialization, environmental policy development, resource economics, and sustainable development. For a list of contract research projects and clients, see EBI History.

Executive Meetings: EBI hosts the annual EBJ Environmental Industry Summit for environmental executives. We also host two annual investor meetings for Nutrition Capital Network (NCN), designed to introduce growth companies in the nutrition, health & wellness, and green products industry to private equity and strategic investors.