EBI History

Environmental Business International Inc. (EBI) was founded in 1988 to provide strategic business information to the emerging Environmental Industry. Through Environmental Business Journal, research reports, and contract research, EBI was soon recognized as the leading provider of business intelligence in its field. This success was repeated in 1996 with Nutrition Business Journal, the flagship publication that defined the U.S. and global nutrition industry and launched EBI's research related to natural/organic products, dietary supplements, and the health & wellness business.

Today EBI applies more than two decades of research experience and a proven research model to four business areas: the climate change industry, the green products & services market (green economy), the health & wellness market and the environmental industry.

EBI Business Journals
Environmental Business Journal: EBI founded Environmental Business Journal in 1988, giving shape to the Environmental Industry and providing strategic information and market forecasts for executives involved in 14 business segments, including environmental remediation, water & wastewater, air pollution control and consulting/engineering. The EBI segmentation and quantification of the Environmental Industry was adopted by the U.S. Department of Commerce's Statistical Abstract, OECD, and many other government and private sources. EBJ data and analysis have been published in numerous business plans, in addition to The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Economist, Fortune and other leading trade and business periodicals.

Nutrition Business Journal: In 1996 EBI launched Nutrition Business Journal , which defined the emerging natural products industry from a disparate group of sectors, including health food retailers, multilevel marketers, manufacturers of dietary supplements, natural & organic foods, functional foods and ingredient suppliers. EBI published NBJ until 2003, when it was sold to New Hope Natural Media, a division of Penton Media Inc.

Climate Change Business Journal®: In 2008 EBI launched Climate Change Business Journal (CCBJ). See Climatechangebusiness.com.

EBI Research Reports
Environmental Industry Reports: EBI has produced more than 20 comprehensive market research reports on the U.S. environmental industry. Reports cover 14 environmental industry segments, international markets, key growth trends, and business opportunities such as strategic environmental management and mergers & acquisitions. Primary data is gathered through annual revenue and performance surveys of more than 1,200 environmental companies and used to compile market size models, breakdowns by customer, media, product and technology, and growth profiles on a year-to-year basis.

Nutrition Industry Reports: EBI produced more than nine market research reports on natural/organic products, dietary supplements, functional food ingredients, nutrition industry mergers & acquisitions, and nutrition industry growth and performance before selling Nutrition Business Journal and its report division to New Hope Natural Media in 2003.

EBI Contract Research
EBI's private sector contract research division has conducted proprietary market intelligence and management consulting projects for private companies to support opportunity evaluation, corporate development, strategic planning, technology commercialization, financial transactions, resource allocation in personnel and business development, and other strategic objectives. Clients have included multinationals like Monsanto, Hewlett-Packard, Westinghouse and Corning and environmental industry leaders like CH2M Hill, IT Corp., BFI, Dames & Moore and Safety-Kleen.

Today, EBI's contract division is focused primarily on green economy research. Historically, EBI's government division focused on environmental markets, environmental industry competitiveness, exports, employment, technology commercialization, policy development, environmental economics, resource economics and the market for sustainable development. Clients have included U.S. EPA, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, U.S. Agency for International Development, U.S.-Asia Environmental Partnership, U.S. Dept. of Energy, the states of California, Colorado and Massachusetts, the governments of Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel, The Netherlands and India, as well as OECD and the United Nations.
Government Project Highlights

  • 2008 study (ongoing) for California Air Resources board to define and size the state's Climate Change Industry and measure its economic contribution.
  • "The Global Environmental Industry: A Market and Needs Assessment." Funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Environmental Technology Initiative, this study compiled data to help U.S. companies understand the best global business opportunities, as well as data tools to facilitate decision points on market entry.
  • Department of Commerce contracts related to providing training materials and a week-long seminar for foreign commercial service and regional domestic officers; conducting a states forum on environmental business issues; analyzing U.S. environmental industry revenues, employment and exports by state, MSA and Congressional district; and preparing an environmental industry competitiveness study for the Office of Technology Policy's Meeting the Challenge series.
  • DOC OETE export market plans on Malaysia and Korea
  • U.S.-Asia Environmental Partnership (a U.S. AID-funded agency) for research and studies related to national market research in US-AEP nations; assessments of U.S. companies' needs related to business development in Asia; and case study profiles of major U.S. competitors financing and developing major environmental infrastructure projects in Asia.
  • EBI was the only private sector participant from the U.S. environmental industry on the OECD/Eurostat Working Group to create a framework to define and measure the global environmental industry and publish a guide on how to perform environmental market research and quantification for OECD nations.

EBI Executive Meetings
EBI has founded and managed three executive summits.
Environmental Industry Summit: Now in its 8th year, the EBJ Summit was founded by EBI in 2003 for senior executives in water/wastewater, remediation, consulting & engineering, hazardous waste, air pollution control and other key environmental industry segments. The summit features state-of-the-industry presentations and key business and regulatory issues affecting the environmental industry. 

Newport/NBJ Summit: In 1998, EBI Inc. founded the annual NBJ/Newport Summit, a senior executive retreat combining high-level networking with valuable strategic content. The NBJ/Newport Summit was sold to New Hope Natural Media in 2003 and managed by EBI until 2007. It remains the leading event for CEOs in the nutrition industry.

Nutrition Capital Network Investor Meetings: San Francisco and New York are the venues for twice yearly NCN investor meetings. Co-founded by President of EBI Grant Ferrier in 2007, NCN introduces leading growth companies in the natural products business, health & wellness market and green product and services market to potential private equity and strategic investors.